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Zeit 19" Rack-mounting Step sequencer

Zeit 19" Rack Mounting Sequencer

Basic features

  • Four concurrent sequences
  • Three channels per sequence (Pitch, Controller One, Controller Two)
  • Each channel has independant :
    Master On/Off switch
    Start Step
    End Step
    Active Steps pattern
    Skipped Steps pattern
  • Directions available :
    ... plus four cyclic modes (Root, Random, Epicyclic, Cylic3, Cyclic4)
  • Each sequence has independant :
    LFO (6 waveforms, rate, master depth, time offset, depth offset, sync to tempo)
    Sweep Generator (Start, Target and End Levels with Transit time)
    Clock Source (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, Normal, 2x, 4x, 8x)
    Master on/off enable
    Effects Send (currently pitch channel only)
    Force-to-Scale send
    Real-time transpose from keyboard
  • LFO/Sweep Generator can be routed to :
    Note Pitch
    Note Velocity
    Controller One
    Controller Two
  • Effects Processor :
    Repeat Count (1..16 repeats)
    Echo time (milliseconds and MIDI clocks)
    Sync Delay to Tempo
    Note Shift (+/- 24 semitones)
    Velocity Shift
    MIDI Channel
    Master on/off switch
  • Force-to-Scale :
    16 factory defined scales (Major, Minor, Japanese, Turkish, Blues etc)
    16 user defined scales
  • Internal memory :
    64 Sequence memories
    64 Patch memories
  • Controller Bank :
    Controller one and controller two strips can be configured as independant
    16 channel remote controllers (MIDI Mixer, synth editor etc) with
    16 controller bank memories
  • Additional features
    Step time input
    Tap Tempo input
    Unique sequence morph facility
    16 Quick Select memory locations (Sequence, Patch, Controller, Scale)
    Internal/External sync (with MIDI clock forwarding)
    Edit Hold
    Tape transport style controls
    24 x 2 character VFD display
    Output via MIDI and CV/Trigger with patch matrix
    External Control (Sys-ex, MIDI CC)
    MIDI software updates
    Tape transport style controls
    Available in Standard and Retro finishes. Custom cases will be considered.
  • A Retro-styled version of Zeit is also in the pipeline...

    A JPEG rendering of the front panel can be downloaded here. This is the layout for the beta-test machines.

    A fully revised and updated functional specification will be published shortly. In the meantime, you can download an early version of the product specification here.