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03-Jul-07 : Price Reduction

Due to the low value of the dollar, the retail price of the rack-mounting and desktop versions of the ZEIT Step Sequencer has been reduced from 1199 to 1099 until 03-August-07. Contact Infection Music for further details.

15-Jun-07 : More pictures

The pilot build of the first production level desktop sequencer has been completed.

07-Jun-07 : Demos/Downloads repaired

Some of the links to the demonstration pieces were broken during a recent upgrade. I've fixed them and added a couple of new pieces too including a demostration of ZEIT performing Tangerine Dream's beloved ratchetting effect.

05-Jun-07 : Desktop enclosures arrive!

Well, they're finally here and they look superb. Here are some (better quality) pictures of the desktop sequencer enclosures.

23-May-07 : Desktop Enclosures

The ZEIT Desktop enclosures are finally here. They look fantastic!

These are just a couple of quick snaps so you can get the idea. I'll post some better pictures tomorrow.

22-Apr-07 : Bare-faced plug

This is a bare-faced plug for the new Ion album, Future Forever.

Ion is a new project that began life in the long, hot summer of 2006. I used a mixture of rackmounting and desktop ZEIT sequencers to compose the album and it was one of the exhilarating experiences of my life. I've never written so much music so quickly and ZEIT pretty much hit the spot every time.

The Ion project is a bit of a departure for me. Most people who have heard my approach to making music know that it's pretty much foot-on-the-floor, pedal-to-the-metal, full-on electronic power tracks with only an occasional nod towards slower, more romantic moods and feelings. Ion kind of cuts off at a tangent and is an attempt to get back to basics, to shift the emphasis away from keyboard chops and screaming solos and towards a more symphonic and, dare one perhaps suggest, a more mature and maybe even a more relaxed state of mind.

Future Forever is heavily sequencer-based, more so than any of my other albums. I wanted to really push myself and ZEIT and came away feeling rather smug and satisfied. Whilst I am kind of biased, I do think that ZEIT really is the bee's knees.

You can hear a collection of samples from Future Forever on the Ion homepage or from the Listen Whilst you Surf feature on the front page. The album is also available as a download from the on-line shop.

26-Feb-07 : New Video Posted

Beta-tester Chris Green of Bionaut has posted a short demo video of his recently delivered, ZEIT Sequencer over on YouTube. Click the image above to see the vid.

25-Feb-07 : New Sequencer Forum

The Yahoo Newsgroup, Infection Instruments will close at the end of March 2007. Problems with spam and on-going difficulties with Yahoo's mailing policy have meant that this forum has been little used for months. Consequently, we have decided to look for a better method of communicating with our customers.

An alternative forum, Step Sequencers has been set up on http://sequencers.informe.com. It's free to join and is rapidly developing into a well-used and very popular meeting place for anyone interested in sequencers and sequencing.

30-Jan-07 : Software revision 01-11BR released

Software revision ZeitRack0111br.zip is now available to all beta-testers from the software update page.

01-Jan-07 : news from 2006

To read last year's news click here!  

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